Technical Articles About Graphite Electrodes

Furnace Data Questionnaire

Supply as more furnace data as possible, you can get the most accurate recommendations and price of graphite electrodes.

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Factors Affecting Price of Graphite Electrode

Here is the factors affecting the price of graphite electrodes for electric arc furnace steelmaking. We will provide you the best quality and factory price.

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Production Process

We offer UHP, HP, RP graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces with different working powers. These are produced by a rigorous set of production processes.

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Graphite Electrode Selection

Graphite electrode consumption is usually related to the choice of electrode size and variety. This article may help you to make the right choice.

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Operation Guidelines

There is the operation guideline center of the graphite electrodes. The matters that needs your attention are vividly introduced with pictures in this webpage.

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Export Package

As an exporter of graphite electrodes, we have 10 years of export experience. We know how to protect your precious cargo from any damage.

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