Carbon Blocks – High Temperature Industrial Equipment Liner

Carbon blocks are refractory materials and are widely used in high temperature industrial field as industrial furnace linings and equipment linings.

3 carbon blocks are placed together.

Carbon blocks are high-temperature resistant, neutral refractory products made from carbonaceous materials with the addition of appropriate binders. The raw materials include anthracite, coke, and graphite, as well as binding agents such as asphalt, pitch, and anthracene oil. They are widely in metallurgical, electroplating, and chemical industries as industrial furnace linings and equipment linings.

We can provide a variety of carbon products to meet your diverse needs, such as prebaked carbon blocks, self-baking carbon blocks, semi-graphite carbon bricks, microporous carbon bricks, and corrosion-resistant carbon bricks.

  • Prebaked carbon blocks. They have higher density and lower porosity.
  • Self-baking carbon blocks. They have higher electrical conductivity than prebaked carbon blocks, but they also have lower density and mechanical strength.
  • Semi-graphite carbon bricks. Their properties fall between graphite and non-graphite and have higher density, lower porosity and good thermal conductivity and mechanical strength.
  • Microporous carbon bricks. They have high porosity, good chemical stability and durability.
  • Corrosion-resistant carbon bricks. They have excellent corrosion resistance.

Our carbon products have a wide range of applications, such as blast furnace and aluminum electrolytic tank construction for metallurgical industry, pickling tank and plating tank for electroplating industry, reaction tank, storage tank and other equipment linings for chemical industry, etc.

  • Prebaked carbon blocks. They are commonly used as anode materials for prebaked aluminum electrolytic tanks.
  • Self-baking carbon blocks. They are often used as medium and large calcium carbide furnace hearths and molten bath linings.
  • Semi-graphite carbon bricks. They are used as blast furnace linings and submerged arc furnace construction.
  • Microporous carbon bricks. They are commonly used as blast furnace linings.
  • Corrosion-resistant carbon bricks. They are often used as storage tank, extractor, pickling tanks and wastewater tank linings.
Carbon blocks are used for blast furnace construction.

For blast furnace construction

Carbon blocks are used for workshop industrial furnace construction.

For industrial furnace construction

Workers are laying carbon blocks.

For furnace lining construction