Strict Production Process Guarantees High-Quality Graphite Electrodes

Graphite electrode is made of petroleum coke, needle coke and coal pitch, through processes of calcining, batching, kneading, forming, baking, graphitizing and machining, etc. We will control the quality of each product, and put consumers' profit in the first place.

The manufacturer processes of graphite electrode production.

Made through 16 producing processes

The extrusion forming process of graphite electrode production.

Extrusion Forming

The machining process of graphite electrode production.


The finished graphite electrodes and nipples.

Finished graphite electrodes

All electrodes and nipples must be preset before delivery.


Testing platform for finished graphite electrodes.

Performance measuring

Graphite electrodes are packed in wooden crates.

Packed in wooden crates

Packed graphite electrodes are stored in dry warehouses.

Packed graphite electrodes

Graphite electrodes are shipped by container.

Shipped by container