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Welcome to Xuran

Full Range of Graphite Electrodes for EAF Steelmaking

Xuran New Materials Limited was founded in 2008. The company is located in Hebei Province, China. We are proud of our highly qualified technical team, which can give professional and reasonable advice to the customers.

As a China graphite electrodes manufacturer, Xuran owns complete production lines, including raw material mixing, kneading, forming, baking, impregnation equipment, graphitization, machining and shaping.

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Packed graphite electrodes are stored in dry warehouses.

Flagship Product

A graphite electrode with large diameter.

Graphite Electrode Overview

70% – 80% of the graphite electrodes are used in EAF steelmaking. They are also used as the key consumable in ladle furnaces & submerged arc furnace.

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A UHP graphite electrode with large diameter.

UHP Graphite Electrode

UHP (ultra high power) graphite electrodes are the specialized conducting material for ultra high power electric arc furnaces and ladle furnaces.

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There is a black HP graphite electrodes with nipple.

HP Graphite Electrode

HP (high power) graphite electrodes are widely used in electric arc furnaces for steel melting. They are used to carry the electricity that melts scrap steel.

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There are two regular power graphite electrodes.

RP Graphite Electrode

RP (regular power) graphite electrodes, also known as general graphite electrodes, are mainly used for the smelting of scrap steel in electric arc furnaces.

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Here is the download center of graphite electrodes. More technical parameters and useful articles are listed for you.

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  • For DC Furnaces (Direct Current Furnaces)
  • For AC Furnaces (Alternating Current Furnaces)
  • For LF Furnaces (Ladle Furnaces)
  • For submerged arc furnace
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Furnace Data Questionnaire

Supply as more furnace data as possible, you can get the most accurate recommendations and price of graphite electrodes.

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Factors Affecting Price of Graphite Electrode

Here is the factors affecting the price of graphite electrodes for electric arc furnace steelmaking. We will provide you the best quality and factory price.

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Production Process

We offer UHP, HP, RP graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces with different working powers. These are produced by a rigorous set of production processes.

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Graphite Electrode Selection

Graphite electrode consumption is usually related to the choice of electrode size and variety. This article may help you to make the right choice.

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